School Run

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We provide school run minibus services on contract basis with local authority schools, private schools and parent groups who need safe and reliable transportation.

We provide school run minibus services in the following ways:

  • under contract to council
  • under direct contract to schools
  • under contract to parental groups who live slightly further from their chosen school

Contract services with local authorities

For home to school transport, we operate on many contract routes offering morning and afternoon services. Our council contracts would typically specify where the pick-up and drop off locations are as well as the arrival and departure times from each location. It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that the children are waiting for their home to school transport at their closest stop.

Direct contract services to private schools

Several private schools have chosen us to provide their school run services, providing door to door pick up and drop off service or at pre-arranged locations. Some specify that we take specific children to school and collect specific children from school each day. We are proud that we have never let any of our schools down. We have never been late or have failed to arrive at a designated time.

Direct contract services with parental groups

Our school run services ease the burden of busy working parents, for those who have limited transport options to school or for some parents who just feel safer having their child take a school bus rather than making their own way to school. The contract would normally be made directly with a parental group living in the same area who have children attending the same school. Flexible arrangements can be made provided that all parents in the group have given their consent.

A school run service that won’t let you down

We are always happy to discuss possible new contracts and new arrangements. If your school or local authority would like more information about our school transport services; or if you are a parent group and interested in our school run services, please call us on 020 8335 0035 or email with your requirements today.

We provide experienced home to school transportation services in Surrey